ASPseek PHP Project

Note: although operationally stable this is an alpha release of the ASPseek API patch and PHP module and is currently not officially supported. Use it at your own risk. Please do not bother the authors of ASPseek with queries regarding this software.

API Patch:

Note: you must apply this patch to a freshly unpacked ASPseek source tree since the patch modifies a number of the auto generated files (configure etc.).
Warning: if you are upgrading from a previous version of the API patch you must recompile the PHP module after you have finished upgrading.

PHP Module Tarball:

Please note: this module has been tested against PHP version 4.1.x and upwards, the author makes no guarantee that it will compile or function as expected in earlier releases of the PHP scripting engine.

Installation Instructions:

Note: you must compile and install the patched version of ASPseek before building the PHP module. This is because the module relies on a significantly modified client library API provided by the patched version of ASPseek.

  • Download the appropriate API patch and apply to your ASPseek source tree with:
    tar xpzf aspseek-1.2.x
    cd aspseek-1.2.x
    gzip -dc path_to_downloaded_patch/aspseek-1.2.x-api-x.gz | patch -p1
    ./configure <... your configuration options here ...>
    make install
  • Download and install the PHP module tarball:
    tar xpzf aspseek-php-1.0.0-alpha3.tar.gz
    cd aspseek-php-1.0.0-alpha3
    ./configure --with-aspseek=<... path to aspseek installation directory here ...>
    make install
  • Enable the module within PHP by adding the following line to your php.ini file:
    Note: it seems that some vendor specific installations of PHP do not have the php.ini parameter extension_dir set correctly. It may be necessary in this case to either change the extension_dir paramter or to specify the full path to the installed module in the extension setting above (you should be able to determine your extenstion directory setting with the command 'php-config --extension-dir'). For example:
    matt@feta:~$ php-config --extension-dir
    then add:

Module Documentation:

Example PHP Scripts:

The PGP key used to verify signatures can be found here.

The ASPseek PHP module CVS repository can be found here.

Comments, improvements and bug fixes welcome -matt.